Clear a path in your workflow by notifying only the right developer when issues come up, with all the details they need to fix it and move on. Sentry 9 enables every developer to maintain focus and take action when it matters most, collaborate as part of a team across multiple issues, and gain back valuable time as they remediate errors according to lifecycle stage.

Issue Owners

No noisy onslaught of emails. No confusion over who should fix an issue.

Route notifications to only the right people: the developer or team with explicit knowledge of that code.

Assign error-source URLs and codepaths to specific individuals or groups.

Automatically suggest assignees for each issue based on the author of the commit.

Seeing only my 30 issues out of thousands makes resolution easy. With Sentry, I can fix a million problems all at once.

Andy Tuba, Sr. Software Engineer, Reddit


Filter by environment to see only the issues that matter to you right now.

Sort instantly by your current stage in the development cycle: internal, test, canary, demo, or production.

Define rules and apply them to a variety of environments.

Save time by countering inconsistent tagging, unfamiliar search syntax, and messy data.


Reduce friction by assigning certain issues to entire teams to solve.

Improve triage, communication, and information flow.

Collaborate across multiple projects simultaneously.

Use Mentions to notify an entire team of an issue’s status with a single comment.

Assign issues to entire Teams directly in the Slack alert.

There’s no retry with transactions. Sentry’s new Teams workflow is a key to our accountability-based dev culture.

Lucas Willett, Engineering Manager of Observability, Braintree

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