Aaron Osmonson

Customer Success, outdoor sports-ing, mediocre arting

Adhiraj Somani

Likes dark suits, dark roast, and dark humor.

Alex Hofsteede

Sailor. Coder. Knows all the deep C secrets. Shaves head, and CPU cycles.

Anton Ovchinnikov

Loves weird T-shirts. Deep cover alpaca agent.

Armin Ronacher

Very emotional about APIs and system architecture.

Ben Vinegar

Front-end. Author of Third-party JavaScript and Crossfit: Did I died yet.

Billy Vong

Stage-1 Javascript. Can be found at home, cooking frozen pizzas via sous-vide.

Brett Hoerner

Digital Janitor. Refuses to move to San Francisco.

Brianna Fore

Adorably cut-throat with money matterz. Inappropriate laugher. GML. Gym Mom Laundry.

Bruno Garcia

Wants to be cool but keeps using Windows. Loves C# and .NET Core!

Cameron McEfee

Creative, design, and code. Loves to cook. Not a foodie.

Chloe Condon

Evangelist(a). Drinker of La Croix. Your ringer for obscure Broadway trivia night or competitive karaoke.

Chris Clark

Designer person. Front-end typer. Cocktail maker. Thinks you can call it a “font” if you want to.

Chris Jennings

Lead picture drawer. GitHub and Disqus alum. Knows how babbies are formed.

Colleen O'Rourke

5% cat fur. Way too into Picross.

Daniel Griesser

Hates both PHP and Apple’s developer tools less than you would expect.

David Cramer

Padding enthusiast. Master of duct tape.

Dena Mwangi

Data whisperer. Lover of coffee, chocolate, and cats.

Derek Sorkin

Current digital pilot. Aspiring private pilot. Proud father to one spoiled dog.

Don Dianda

Tree hugger, hugger of trees, hugger in general.

Elaine Yeung

Christian. Teach for America. KIPP Houston. Rapped about bash scripts. Link in profile.

Elizabeth Campbell

Thinks you should partner with Sentry. Likes tween dramas, making Eric Feng cry (it’s okay, Eric).

Erin Dame

Watcher of Labyrinth. Eater of donuts. Mother of twins

Ev Ralston

Engineer of outage-driven infrastructure. Proficient in vi but opts for an IDE anyway.

Eva Sasson

Undercover Brit. Prefers cone over cup. Drummer in my one man band.

Evan Purkhiser

Engineer, but likes pretty interfaces. 180 BPM is the magic number.

Hannah Katz

Will say “I heard something on a podcast” several times in a conversation. 50/50 chance I have food in my mouth when you talk to me.

Jacquelynn King

Sunsets and swing sets. La discotheque, la disco calls. Vegan mac n cheese.

James Cunningham

Infrastructure and operations. Secretly commits to master.

Jan Michael Auer

Above-average curious. Dives the depths of shark waters and the C++ spec.

Jan Crisostomo

Recruiting at Sentry. Allergic to corn, addicted to corny jokes.

Jess Allen

Likes beats, not beets.

Jess MacQueen

Might be a witch.

Jim Balestrieri

Animal tamer (clearly). Crowd pleaser. Proud Papa!

Joshua Li

Installs Gentoo on used Thinkpads. Seasoned dotfile engineer. Likes the command line, minimalism, and OSS.

Justin Elrod

Former Stunt double for Derek Zoolander. Don’t let that chintzy smile fool you, they told me to laugh.

Kamil Ogórek

Enthusiast of vertically displacing heavy object. Oh, and JavaScript.

Karin Reahard

If Bri is the Beyonce of day-to-day finance, Kiki is the Diana Ross that showed her the way.

Kathrin Bierhaus

Aspiring zookeeper and flex support main of the down under realm.

Kathryn Manuri

Customer Success. World traveler who believes there’s no place like home.

Katie Byers

Dog enthusiast and grammar nerd. Misses seasons. Enjoys sushi, the more ingredients the better.

Kelly Carino

Loves video games, hates split screen, misses LAN parties.

Kyle Pokorny

Former cult leader. Current cold brew enthusiast.

Lauryn Brown (LB)

Enjoys programming, puppies, and pokemon. Dislikes music. Flick’s buddy for almost 20 years!

Lindsey Schwarze

Yogi. Proud mother of Mildred the dog. Says games peaked at Wolfenstein 3D.

Lovepreet Sangha

Hi Mom! I’m on a website!

Lyn Nagara

Pretty good at breaking things. Interested in JavaScript and all day breakfast.

Maggie Bauer

Talent Acquisition at Sentry. Hidden talents: none. Loves foods that are cheesy, spicy, and ideally both.

Mark Story

Illustrator turned Developer. Open-source fanboy. Metalhead.

Markus Unterwaditzer

Will never stop using Linux and outdated hardware.

Matt Robenolt

Straightedge. Scaled Disqus.com. Master of vim, bowling, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Matte Noble

Wishes he was at a bike park. Hates west coast bagels. Likes west coast thrash metal.

Maya Porter

Office Ops. ISFJ Personality. Runs on Dunkin.

Megan Heskett

Speaks Python, but not a Slytherin.

Meredith Heller

Loves pesto. Rather be too warm than too cold.

Mike Clarke

Problem solver. Board game enthusiast, private pilot, casual golfer, retired banker.

Nate Berkopec

Master of Rubby. 99% sure he is a real person. 1% certain he is machine.

Neil Manvar

Will always stop for Cinnabon.

Richard Huffaker

Supposedly good with words. Widely considered one of the top 100 Sentry employees of all time.

Rick Scouffas

Type-A oriented, Vegasly motivated…with a round of golf on the side.

Saloni Dudziak

Always opens karaoke with War Pigs. Likes to Kick and Box. Breaker of banks, mother of dragons.

Sara Gilford

Product Manager. Cher enthusiast.

Sean Tilley

GNU/Linux lover, worked on Diaspora*, studies federated systems. Occasionally makes games and web apps.

Sukhpreet Sembhi

Sometimes paints, sometimes speaks in British accents.

Sydney Ryan

Stops to pet every dog. Bad at keeping houseplants alive (but will never stop trying).

Ted Kaemming

“Comedian.” Beer lover. Responsible for our Q4 upswing probably.

Theresa Vermeersch

Administrative god. Aspiring UXer. The Peyton Manning of startup swag.

Vu Ngo

Athletic nerd wishing I was a nerdy athlete. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.