Sentry’s design team helps define and shape the experience of 1 million developers. We’re looking for a Product Designer who’s passionate about designing delightful and consistent product experiences at a massive scale.
Sentry is open source software and the work you do will be publicly available as a model for others to follow. If you are a design-thinker who wants to positively impact the productivity of nearly a million developers, start thinking of your new hire gif now!
As our Unbelievably Illustrious Product Designer, you will: 
  • Design core product experiences that will propel Sentry into new categories
  • Be instrumental in creating a consistent look and feel throughout our products
  • Help define systems to enable our design and frontend teams to be more efficient and collaborative
  • Contribute to our component library and design documentation
You'll love this job if you:
  • You love making the lives of engineers and/or your fellow designers easier
  • You enjoy working cross-functionally and building out features alongside developers and product teams
  • You respect the value of design constraints but enjoy pushing their limits
  • You wish more companies would invest in design
  • You're passionate about open source and wouldn't mind more green boxes on your contribution graph
  • 3+ years of product design experience, or a portfolio that can trick us into believing so (a link to a portfolio or relevant work is required)
  • Frontend experience with HTML/CSS and Javascript and an understanding of how to design things for the web
  • Impeccable taste and knack for attention to detail
  • Experience with Figma, Sketch, Framer, or other modern design tools
  • Experience with communicating complex concepts in approachable ways
Bonus (optional) skills:
  • Familiarity with React, Django templates, or have experience with other templating engines
  • An active GitHub profile and/or  contributions to open source projects
  • Experience with SVG, specifically for data visualization
  • Experience with version control