New Priority Sort for Issues

The new Priority Sort is designed to highlight new and escalating issues. Older issues and issues with fewer recent events are sorted lower on the list. The ranking relies on three primary factors:

- Relative volume: Escalating issues that have a higher recent volume (relative to their baseline) are ranked higher.

- Absolute volume: Issues with more event volume are weighted more highly. Recent events are weighted more than old events.

- Issue age: New issues are prioritized — an exponential decay factor halves the weight every 12 hours.

We've noticed developers at Sentry preferring this new priority sort 3:1 versus last seen, and this early feedback fuels our ongoing dedication to this area of active development.
Ready to try it out? Simply select it from the dropdown and see the difference. We also welcome your input. Join the conversation on our GitHub Discussion thread to share your views on issue prioritization.