Improved Tags And Contexts on Issues

We're introducing Event Highlights! Since not all tags are equal, this feature will let you promote critical tags/context to the top of the page for every issue in a project. In addition, the Issue Details page has received a few usability updates for the Tags and Context sections.

Event Highlights

Highlights Section

This new section elevates the most important tags and context values that were found for this event to the top of the page. By default we'll select a few tags/context keys based on your project platform, but it's meant to be customized. Consider using the 'Edit' feature to add/remove items as you find relevant, and apply those changes for every issue in the project. You can also skip straight to the Tags section with by clicking 'View All'.


Tags Section

The new tags interface replaces the 'cloud' of links with a table view, that can be filtered down by category, making it easier to search for specific tags. We've also removed the ambiguous links in favor of clear query options in a hover dropdown. In addition, Tags can now be displayed as a tree structure, with branches separated by using the . character as a separator. Lastly, the tags section has been moved! You can find it's new home underneath the stack trace.

Contexts Contexts Section

We've condensed the context section into a collection of cards, instead of the list it was before. This should save you some scrolling and create a clearer distinction between different contexts and other collections of data on the page.

For more information on the new issue details page, see our documentation and please share any feedback you have with us on GitHub or Discord.