Metrics is now in beta

Metrics is now in beta

Metrics help you measure and visualize custom or out-of-the-box data points, like processing time, checkout conversion rates, or user sign-ups. If you see any dips or spikes (or get an alert that something is wrong), quickly drill into problematic errors or issues using correlated traces to find and fix root causes.

Metrics is now in beta and available for the following SDKs:

  • Backend SDKs – Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, Rust, .NET
    • Track processing times, queries, and latency to find and fix bottlenecks.
  • Frontend SDKs – JavaScript
    • Monitor user signups, conversion rates, and other behaviors to identify and resolve issues affecting the user experience.
  • Mobile SDKs – Android, React Native
    • Measure mobile loading times, frame rates, and other metrics to improve mobile app quality.
  • Other SDKs - Unity
    • Track the length of time it takes for users to install media content, button clicks, or other ways users interact with your game.

Metrics is currently available for accounts at a certain scale. If you would like to expedite access to Metrics, sign up for the waitlist here:

Read more in our docs.