Rage Click Issues - General Availability Release

Rage Click Issues - General Availability Release

Are users smashing buttons on your site expecting something to happen? Now you can get alerted to rage clicks within Sentry to take action on them as soon as they occur. With rage click issues, you can get all the handy workflow components that come with Sentry issues to triage your rage clicks (i.e., resolve, assign, archive, etc.) as well as the debugging context needed to resolve them.

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📝 Bookmark this link to see a complete list of rage click issues as they come in.

These are the prerequisites to create rage click issues for your organization:

  1. Your organization needs to have sent replay events
  2. JavaScript SDK (or related framework) version of 7.60.1 or higher

If you have the default project alert set up (titled "Send a notification for new issues"), you will receive rage click alerts. If you don't, follow these steps to get alerted:

  1. Create a New Alert Rule in Sentry
  2. Scroll to the "Set conditions" section and set the "IF" filter to The issue's category is equal to… "Replay"
  3. Choose which actions to perform in the “THEN” filter
  4. Add an alert name and owner

To turn off rage click issues, go to your Settings > Projects > Select relevant project > Replays (Under "Processing" heading) > Toggle off "Create Rage Click Issues".

Please share any feedback you have and report bugs by opening by an issue .