Stack Trace Local Variable Enhancements

We've revamped the local variables UI in the stack trace view to make debugging a breeze! Here's what's new:

  • Data Type at a Glance: No more squinting to figure out if 1000 is a number or a string. We've added clear data type highlighting for booleans, nulls, numbers, and strings (fully supported in Python, with limited support in other SDKs).
  • Taming the Clutter: Large objects and arrays now start collapsed, giving you a cleaner view and letting you expand only when you need the details.
  • Highlighting Scrubbed Values: Ever wondered why some values appear hidden in your stack trace? We've highlighted scrubbed values to show you when data privacy rules are in play.
  • Speaking Your Language: Boolean and null values are now displayed according to your programming language's conventions.

Want to see these improvements in action?

Make sure local variable capture is enabled in your SDK options for supported platforms (Python, PHP, Node, or Ruby). Happy debugging!