User Feedback Spam Filtering

A few weeks ago, we made the User Feedback widget generally available, which provides a way for your end-users to submit bug reports at anytime. Now, Sentry will auto-detect feedback submissions likely to be spam and route them to the "Spam" folder on the User Feedback page. This feature is enabled by default to improve the quality and actionability of the feedback in the main list. To improve the quality of your alerts, feedback that's labeled as spam will bypass any User Feedback Alert Rule, so you only get notified when it matters.


You can also manually mark feedback as spam with the "Mark as Spam" button.


To make automatic spam detection possible, we use a Large Language Model that classifies messages. This language model is internal to Google Cloud Platform and no data is stored or persisted. This is part of our existing sub-processor agreement. If you’d like to opt out of spam detection, turn off "Enable Spam Detection" in Settings > Projects > [Project Name] > User Feedback.