User Feedback Widget is Now GA

User Feedback Widget is Now GA

Sentry automatically detects errors thrown by your application, such as performance issues and user experience problems like rage clicks. However, there are a class of problems that only your users can detect - maybe a broken link, problem with their permissions, or even something as simple as a grammatical error in copy. This is where Sentry's new and improved User Feedback widget comes in, now generally available. End-users can submit bug reports anytime with the new widget, and Sentry will then link that to available rich debugging context, including replays, errors, and tags such as URL. So now you don’t need to manually reproduce the error yourself, get on a call with a customer, or decode a support ticket.


To set up the new User Feedback widget, add the Feedback integration to your Sentry.init call:

  dsn: "__DSN__",
  integrations: [
      // Additional SDK configuration goes in here
      colorScheme: 'system',

For further customization of the widget, please see our documentation. A prerequisite to installing the widget is a browser JavaScript SDK (or related framework) version of 7.85.0 or higher.

Once you have enabled the User Feedback widget, make sure you set up alerts so you don't miss any submissions from your users.

To learn more, check out our blog post: Introducing the User Feedback Widget– The easiest way to connect with your users.

Please share any feedback or questions you have in GitHub or drop us a line in Discord.