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Share Your #Madness

To celebrate DEX, Sentry is giving away a $1,000 Visa gift card. To be eligible, share a story about when things went well or when you had an “Oh $#*%!” moment when building software. To participate:

  1. Choose a topic (below) and share a 30-second video or write about your experience on Twitter.
  2. Use the topic hashtag (below) and #DEX2022
  3. Tag @getsentry

One winner will be selected from those who follow the instructions above. Follow Sentry on Twitter for more details about each topic.

Topics and Hashtags

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Hashtags and tagsShare on Twitter
Worst app slowdown you’ve ever experienced
Share Twitter
#2slow #DEX2022 @getsentry
The slowest app you made fast
Share Twitter
#slow2fast #DEX2022 @getsentry
The worst error you've found in production
Share Twitter
#worsterror #DEX2022 @getsentry
Biggest bug you caught right before deployment
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#bigbug #DEX2022 @getsentry
The best or worst part of your day as a developer
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#dayinthelife #DEX2022 @getsentry

Contest Details

  • Sentry employees will vote on submissions to select the winners for the $1000 Visa gift card.
  • Winners will be notified by the end of the week following the DEX conference (Oct. 7, 2022) through a direct message on Twitter from the @getsentry account.
  • Select participants who do not win the $1000 Visa gift card will receive a link to claim swag. Sentry reserves the right to choose these participants.
  • Winners of the $1000 Visa gift card will be featured in the newsletter are required to sign a release form and provide their contact information to receive their prize.
  • Videos and text-based tweets will be compiled together in a short sizzle reel and used during virtual and in-person events, and as content on social media and Sentry websites.

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