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Performance for Every Developer

Calling all devs—it’s time to take action on your application monitoring. Gone are the days of sifting through logs and deciphering surface-level user metrics to fix your slow or unresponsive app. Get down to the line of code or function to resolve issues at the root cause quickly. Maybe even painlessly.

These folks get it.

Application performance monitoring for Developers

Performance is actionable, accessible, and actually built for developers to cut through the alert noise to see critical issues and solve what’s urgent faster. Quick to set-up and integrated with Errors, Performance provides deep context on the root cause of issues and targets the required fix down to the line of code.

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Workflows to see and solve rapidly

Performance Issue workflow enables you to quickly identify the root cause of a problem and assign the fix to the exact owner of the code.

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Actionable down to the line of code

Code profiling gives you code-level insight into how your application performs in production environments.

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Scale applications affordably

Sentry is built to ingest everything but only store the application data that is absolutely needed, keeping costs to a minimum.

“We use Sentry to monitor API and endpoint performance and have seen up to a 90% reduction in API request execution time for our highest-volume portfolio products. Customer success is a critical function of our business’ daily operations, and performance gives us a clear idea of how we’re tracking against our “frictionless user experience goal.”

Ruben Opdenakker

Sentry vs. Traditional APM Tools

Built for developers, Sentry fills in the gaps that traditional application performance monitoring (APM), real user monitoring (RUM), and observability tools leave in your developer experience when addressing application problems. Here’s how:

Traditional APM Tools allow:

  • Access performance KPIs across your application services.

  • In addition to that, Sentry enables developers to:

  • Quickly understand the root cause of problems.
  • dentify the line of code and owner.
  • Resolve the issue using developer tools and workflow.
  • When addressing an application problem you need to…


    Traditional Tools

    Quickly understand the root cause of the problem


    Identify the line of code and owner


    Resolve the issue using developer tools and workflow


    Access performance KPIs across your application services

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    Real-World Superheroes Needed: Modern APM for Developers

    Learn more about the challenges that devs face with traditional APM solutions and how modern platforms, like Sentry, provide the ‘superpowers’ to solve them.

    Download the research report now

    Top development teams choose Performance to keep their applications healthy.

    "As we update our own features and expand our use of Sentry performance monitoring, we get lots of value from understanding performance problems unique to our business.”
    Andrew Churchill
    Software Engineer
    "This process saves us 15 minutes of trying to reproduce and determine if something is wrong with our software, and then another 15-30 minutes trying to triage to the right team."
    Can Zhang
    Engineering Manager
    “Being able to use Sentry to monitor the performance as well as our mobile applications is important. Using one solution to monitor the entire application stack gives our engineers the visibility they need to deliver a first-rate experience for our customers.”
    Karan Gupta

    Is your data secure?
    You better believe it.

    Just look at all the high-quality security
    features all accounts get, regardless of plan.

    • Two-Factor Auth
    • Single Sign-On support
    • Organization audit log
    • SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified
    • HIPAA attestation
    • PII data scrubbing
    • SSL encryption
    • Data Processing Addendum (includes latest EU SCCs)
    • Privacy Shield certified

    Actionable, affordable, and actually for developers

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