Performance Monitoring Developers Will Actually Use

Sentry’s developer-first APM offering automatically detects performance issues and helps you debug them by showing slow API calls and database database queries, or the broken line of code.

performance monitoring for developers

Tolerated by 4 million developers.

Connect performance problems back to your application code

Sentry's application performance monitoring tells you the exact cause of poor performance and where it lies in code.

Prioritize issues based on impact

Uncover real user frustration — from slow page loads to app starts — with production data in a logical workflow. Get automatically notified on critical issues affecting the most users.

Trace issues from frontend to backend

Trace slow-loading pages all the way back to poor-performing API calls — and surface any related errors — to get to root cause faster.

Resolve bottlenecks with code-level context

Go from a SQL query directly to the source code causing your database problems. Then, profile your code to see the performance bottleneck down to the function level.

“We use Sentry to monitor API and endpoint performance and have seen up to a 90% reduction in API request execution time for our highest-volume portfolio products.”

Ruben Opdenakker

“Combining errors and performance helped our engineers better grasp the problem, which streamlined the troubleshooting process. As a result, we were able to resolve latency issues much faster.”

Mike Diaz
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Getting started is simple

Install Sentry with just a few lines of code. No agents. No long support calls. Immediate OOTB visibility into your app performance.

Just run this commmand to sign up for and install Sentry.

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npx @sentry/wizard@latest -i nextjs

That's it. Be sure to check out our documentation to ensure you have the latest instructions.

Why Choose Sentry for Performance Monitoring


Deeply integrated with code

End-to-end tracing that connects errors and performance bottlenecks across your frontend, backend, or mobile services - down to the line of code causing the issue.


Go beyond surface-level metrics

Automatically detect performance issues, prioritize issues by user impact, and pinpoint down to the suspect file/URL/tag and the developer who owns it.


Fits into existing developer workflow

Resolve your performance problems however you work best in your favorite tools— whether it’s Slack alerts, GitHub commits, Jira tickets, email, you name it.

90,000 teams choose Sentry to keep their applications healthy

"As we update our own features and expand our use of Sentry performance monitoring, we get lots of value from understanding performance problems unique to our business.”
Andrew Churchill
Software Engineer
"This process saves us 15 minutes of trying to reproduce and determine if something is wrong with our software, and then another 15-30 minutes trying to triage to the right team."
Can Zhang
Engineering Manager
“Being able to use Sentry to monitor the performance as well as our mobile applications is important. Using one solution to monitor the entire application stack gives our engineers the visibility they need to deliver a first-rate experience for our customers.”
Karan Gupta

Solve performance issues fast, before they affect your customers.