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Users and logs provide clues Sentry provides answers

Find out about exceptions right away

Set up Sentry in minutes with just a few lines of code. Get notifications via email, SMS, or chat as part of an existing workflow when errors occur or resurface.

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An illustration of email, text, and chat notification. In the center is a flame icon representing alerts from exception handling.
An abstract illustration of code files, highlighting specific code in a specific file, as if seen in error tracking software.

Quickly find and fix production errors

Triage, reproduce, and resolve errors with max efficiency and visibility. Exception handling with Sentry helps developers build better apps and iterate faster.

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See the impact of each release

Integrate error tracking with your commit and deploy workflows. Aggregate events to see where bugs happen, how often, and who's affected before users even notice.

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An illustration of a globe, highlighting specific areas with error tracking events.
A minimalist illustration of a user interface that alludes to the Sentry open source platform for error tracking.

Error tracking built for community

Sentry started as and remains a 100% open-source project, now delivered as a hosted service. Development aligns to security, observability, and production at scale.

Customers are happiest when they feel trusted
…especially if your app just crashed

A computer screen showing a modal window with the text “Everything is not fine,” indicating you are debugging an error.

Give users the power to help debug errors

Automatically prompt users for feedback so they know that you know things aren’t working.

A computer screen showing a modal window with the text “Everything is fine now,” indicating you are done debugging an error.

Let them know you resolved their issue

Reach out to let affected users know they’ve experienced an error and help is on the way.

1,000,000 developers at over 30,000 companies already use Sentry. Why don’t you?