About Sentry

Bugs aren’t great, but your code can be.

Developers are at the core of virtually every organization, managing the software that makes modern businesses tick. We’re creators, problem-solvers, troubleshooters, puzzle-piece-joiners.

Sentry co-founders David Cramer and Chris Jennings are no different. They were compelled to solve a specific problem: better, more digestible error visibility and alerting. Through late nights and long weekends, their dedication to an open source side-project manifested into Sentry.

Sentry helps all software teams create the best software, faster.

Sentry empowers developers to quickly triage and resolve issues while reducing everything-is-on-fire stress, chaos, and potential financial loss, by providing cross-stack visibility and deep context about errors. Each day, we process billions of exceptions from some of the most popular products on the internet.

1,000,000+ total users
40+ billion errors per month
50,000+ customers

Works for every stack at any scale

The team behind Sentry built and shipped the software behind many fine brands, a short sampling of which will no doubt impress and delight you. We were occasionally useful at Dropbox. Drew pictures at GitHub. Nodded sagely during meetings at Atlassian. Made diagrams on white boards at PagerDuty. Ran Disqus into the ground.

What began as an open source project to deal with our founders’ (and every developer’s) propensity for making mistakes has evolved into the world’s leading error-tracking platform — open source or otherwise.

Tech giants like Cloudflare and Atlassian run Sentry. As do tech titans like GitHub and Disney. Also, tech goliaths like Reddit and Microsoft. Plus the New York Times and Peloton and Wix and a ton of other companies. More than 50,000, to be semi-precise.

Sentry offers SDKs for every framework, platform, and language, making it incredibly easy to integrate into any application and stack.

Adhiraj Somani

Likes dark suits, dark roast, and dark humor.

Amy Walker

Professional snacker and napper, Oxford comma enthusiast, house music junkie. Laundry and lactose challenged.

Angela Xin

Daily Mail’s #1 fan

Anton Ovchinnikov

Loves weird T-shirts. Deep cover alpaca agent.

Armin Ronacher

Very emotional about APIs and system architecture.

Arpad Borsos

Passionate about programming, performance, movies and games. Bashes Java as a hobby.

Ben Vinegar

Front-end. Author of Third-party JavaScript and Crossfit: Did I died yet.

Billy Vong

Stage-1 Javascript. Can be found at home, cooking frozen pizzas via sous-vide.

Bowen Cai

Product. Very good at Tetris and always down for Tex-Mex. 50/50 with Cristobal.

Brianna Fore

Adorably cut-throat with money matterz. A little silly for the Latins.

Bruno Garcia

Wants to be cool but keeps using Windows. Loves C# and .NET Core!

Burak Yigit Kaya

Loves and does open source. Tends to break bots and builds. May recommend operating systems out of the blue.

Cameron McEfee

Creative, design, and code. Loves to cook. Not a foodie.

Chris Jennings

Lead picture drawer. GitHub and Disqus alum. Knows how babbies are formed.

Colleen O'Rourke

5% cat fur. Way too into Picross.

Dan Fuller

Python coder. Board and video game aficionado. Fan of dogs.

Daniel Griesser

Hates both PHP and Apple’s developer tools less than you would expect.

Danny Molina

Relentlessly self-promoting punk-rocker, Simpsons guru, and salsa-slinger

Dave Hayes

Puts the ‘us’ back in business. Not afraid of water buffalo, despite the rumours

David Cramer

Padding enthusiast. Master of duct tape.

Don Dianda

Tree hugger, hugger of trees, hugger in general.

Dora Chan

Mastering introversion and coffee consumption one day at a time.

Ev Ralston

Good at rebooting servers. Bad at estimating how much ketchup.

Evan Hicks

I love getting computers to do my bidding. Pitter patter.

Evan Purkhiser

Engineer, but likes pretty interfaces. 180 BPM is the magic number.

Filippo Pacifici

Sailor, loves jazz, backend things and arguing over composition vs inheritance.

Hanna Choi

Recently learned how to pronounce persimmons, the right way. Always enjoys a pluot. Looking to try Moon Drop® Grapes.

Hannah Katz

Will say “I heard something on a podcast” several times in a conversation. 50/50 chance I have food in my mouth when you talk to me.

Jacquelynn King

Sunsets and swing sets. La discotheque, la disco calls. Vegan mac n cheese.

James Cunningham

Infrastructure and operations. Secretly commits to master.

Jan Michael Auer

Above-average curious. Dives the depths of shark waters and the C++ spec.

Jason Shaw

Player of Old School MtG & builder of lightsabers. Has perfected tofu scrambles.

John Manhart

Thinks it’s funny when pets have human names.

Josh Li

not really an uppercaser-er tbh. also i like food a lot and find many things to be cool and nice

Justin Elrod

Former Stunt double for Derek Zoolander. Don’t let that chintzy smile fool you, they told me to laugh.

Kamil Ogórek

Enthusiast of vertically displacing heavy object. Oh, and JavaScript.

Karin Reahard

If Bri is the Beyonce of day-to-day finance, Kiki is the Diana Ross that showed her the way.

Kathrin Bierhaus

Aspiring zookeeper and flex support main of the down under realm.

Kathryn Manuri

Customer Success. World traveler who believes there’s no place like home.

Katie Byers

Dog enthusiast and grammar nerd. Misses seasons. Enjoys sushi, the more ingredients the better.

Kelly Carino

Loves video games, hates split screen, misses LAN parties.

Lindsey Schwarze

Yogi. Proud mother of Mildred the dog. Says games peaked at Wolfenstein 3D.

Lovepreet Sangha

Hi Mom! I’m on a website!

Lyn Nagara

Pretty good at breaking things. Interested in JavaScript and all day breakfast.

Maggie Bauer

Loves foods that are cheesy and spicy. Hates foods that are olives.

Manoel Aranda Neto

Android lover, iPhone user.

Mark Story

Illustrator turned Developer. Open-source fanboy. Metalhead.

Markus Unterwaditzer

Thinks Compiz was the peak of UX design.

Matej Minar

Loves watching Friends for the gazillionth time and long variable names.

Matt Robenolt

Straightedge. Scaled Disqus.com. Master of vim, bowling, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Megan Heskett

Speaks Python, but not a Slytherin.

Meredith Heller

Loves pesto. Rather be too warm than too cold.

Tien "Mimi" Nguyen

Devourer of deep fried cheese curds. Will knit you a hat if you ask nicely.

Natalie Siskin

Swag; not schwag.

Neil Manvar

Will always stop for Cinnabon.

Nisanthan Nanthakumar

Board Game & Open-Source Enthusiast.

Philipp Hofmann

Enjoys to improve everything. Loves meditation, sports and food.

Priscila Oliveira

I love turning codes into pretty and user friendly stuff. Super curious and a never stop learning person. Did I mention addicted to series?

Richard Vasquez

Did you want a slice? Cause I’m devouring IT.

Rick Scouffas

Type-A oriented, Vegasly motivated…with a round of golf on the side.

Rodolfo Carvalho

Fixes typos. Adds new typos. Always learning and eager to share.

Saloni Dudziak

Always opens karaoke with War Pigs. Likes to Kick and Box. Breaker of banks, mother of dragons.

Stephen Cefali

Probably drinking sour beer while reading an obscure history or browsing dank Reddit memes.

Syd Ryan

Stops to pet every dog. Bad at keeping houseplants alive (but will never stop trying).

Ted Kaemming

“Comedian.” Beer lover. Responsible for our Q4 upswing probably.

Theresa Vermeersch

Administrative god. Aspiring UXer. The Peyton Manning of startup swag.

Todd Bazakas

Drank IPAs before they were cool. Rollerblades everywhere, still waiting for them to be to cool.

Vlad Cretu

Loves to sleep.

Vu Ngo

Athletic nerd wishing I was a nerdy athlete. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

Will Capozzoli

Lives in mixolydian mode. Brazen not purred.

William Mak

I’ve learned most of my skills from procrastination. It’s basically how I function as a human being.

Zac Propersi

Tech dude, not tech bro. Desk dancing champion 9 years running.

Open Source

Sentry started as an open source project and is still eventually open source. There are no barriers to adoption, usage, or contribution, other than your own technical ability to adopt, use, or contribute to it.

Accountability & Ownership

Sentry gives every developer the context they need to own their code from end to end, eliminating the lengthy feedback loops and guess work that make bug fixing such a drag.

Privacy & Security

We’re committed to securing any of your app data that’s touched by our service. That’s why we adhere to (and exceed) regulatory standards including Privacy Shield, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

Continuous Iteration

Insight into what’s happening with your code across the development and release cycles makes setting priorities easy and actionable. Each error is just another chance to improve.

Work with us

Working at Sentry means joining a team committed to creating a secure, open product built to scale. We celebrate our diversity and use our varied backgrounds for one common purpose: giving developers full control to ship better software faster and more often.

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