Working Code, Happy Customers

We’re so much more than error monitoring software. We’re also performance monitoring software. Our platform helps every developer diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. With Sentry, developers around the world save time, energy, and probably a few therapy sessions.
Sentry supports more than 30 coding languages, which means it probably supports yours. We also integrate with a whole bunch of useful tools (and a few necessary evils), including but definitely not limited to GitHub, Slack, and Jira.

Numbers That Make Us Look Good

80K organizations across 146 countries spanning 6 continents

We’re still waiting on our first customer in Antarctica

$127M raised in 5 rounds of funding

That's enough to build the Golden Gate Bridge twice, if we could take that money and time travel back to 1933

595B events processed monthly by 1M developers

The Humans Behind the Code

The team behind Sentry built and shipped the software behind many fine brands, a short sampling of which will no doubt impress and delight you. We were occasionally useful at Dropbox. Drew pictures at GitHub. Nodded sagely during meetings at Atlassian.

Sentry started out as an open-source project. Our founders’ goal was straightforward: solve their own problems with an easy way to fix their own mistakes. Ten years later, their two person passion project is the world’s leading error-tracking platform with 130 employees in three offices worldwide.

You’ve Heard of Our Customers

To name-drop a few…

We’re Everywhere

Okay, not everywhere. But somewhere.

Work With Us

San Francisco, USA

Seattle, USA

Vienna, Austria

Toronto, Canada

External Validation From Journalists

Sentry adds performance monitoring for React Native, Android and Xamarin

TechCrunchMar 2021

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