See Slow Faster With Performance

Don’t just get notified when something is running slow. Sentry Performance shows you why it’s slow, so you can fix it quickly.

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Five Lines Of Code Is All It Takes

With Performance, teams can trace slow-loading pages back to its API call as well as surface all related errors. Now Engineering Managers and Developers can resolve bottlenecks and deliver fast, reliable experiences that your customer demands.

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Learn about Tracing

With Sentry’s performance monitoring you can trace performance issues to poor-performing api calls and slow database queries.

Distributed Tracing 101 for Full Stack Developers

Learn the ins-and-outs of distributed tracing and how it can assist you in monitoring the increasingly complex requirements of full stack applications.

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Tracing for the Frontend (to the Backend)

Join Dustin Bailey (Solutions Engineer) as he shows how developers can trace those pesky performance issues to poor-performing API calls & slow database queries across all your services.

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Find the Root Cause Faster with Trace View and Trace Navigator

Trace View and Trace Navigator give you a throughline between transactions across all your projects.

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Errors are Half the Story

To get to the root cause and see the full story, tie your errors to your application’s performance. In one view you can sort transactions by slowest duration time, related issues, longest operations, and the number of users having a slow experience.

Untangle Tracing

Trace those ten-second page loads to poor-performing API calls and database queries that are critical toward delivering fast customer experiences with just five lines of code. Track down slow-loading pages to ensure auto-completes actually complete.

Prove Improvement

Stay on top of your code’s performance over time and improve the ten most regressed transactions. Visualize impact to your customer base, and learn how to improve conditions that cause latency issues in their application and trace the path of a request as it moves from one service to another.

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