Code-Level Application Performance Monitoring

Monitoring hosts is a relic. Stay ahead of latency issues and trace every slow transaction to a poor-performing API call or database query with the only developer-first APM product that shows you what’s slow, down to the line of code.

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Get tips on solving common latency outages, updates on events, and join the conversation on our live stream with our Head of Dev Rel, Dr. G.

Find latency dips faster with code observability

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See issues that really matter

Get visibility from everywhere: Front-end to backend, middleware to mobile.

Solve issues in minutes

Giving you the context you need so you can find and fix the problem.

Learn insights to improve

Application insights to help you improve performance and reliability.

Improve performance by 20x

“Unlike past tools we’ve used, Sentry provides the complete picture. No more combing through logs — Sentry makes it incredibly easy to find issues in our code to deliver a much smoother payment experience and a better overall customer experience.”

Matthew Egan
Engineering Team Lead

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Get the full picture with errors and performance

Stop stitching together data between tools and get to the root cause. Tie latency issues back to errors with Tracing to get the details you need to not only prioritize critical performance issues, but to identify the root cause faster.

Divipay hit their payment processing SLO of 1.5s by surfacing bottlenecks, which turned out to be a slow database query. “[Sentry] was a game changer for us as it helped us to find the subset of requests in production that was causing the slowness in our system.”

Distributed Tracing from the Frontend to the Backend

Get a unified view to understand the flow from frontend to backend, so teams can trace slow-loading pages all the way back to poor-performing API calls + surface any related errors.

Keep throughput high and
latency low

Get alerted to issues quickly before it affects the bulk of your users. Performance gives you the details you need to not only prioritize critical performance issues, but to trace issues down to the root cause to solve them faster.

Sentry shows you where your code is slow. Other vendors show you system-wide health metrics that require you to do the heavy lifting and query systems to find the culprit.

Performance Monitoring with
Mobile Vitals

Get visibility across mobile devices. Automatically collect device information and measure how fast your app starts and the number of slow and frozen frames your users experience.

Understanding your service shouldn’t require a PhD

See the whole health of your production environment to quickly identify and solve issues with ailing services. Never miss a degradation in performance with Metric Alerts, automated escalation paths, and Custom Dashboards — keep your team hitting SLA’s and shipping value-adding software.

The Sentry difference

Easy Set Up

No Agents needed. 5 lines of code is all it takes.

Code-Centric Monitoring

Connect performance issues to the line of code causing latency.

Reduce MTTR

See where your code is slow, so you can fix it.

Tied to the Business

Align the team on app performance, quality, and release frequency.

Get Instrumented, No Agents Needed

With code coverage for every major language, save time and angst by proactively finding the source of latency problems without having to manually stitch together user transactions.

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