"Sentry gives us a good overview of any possible issues that were caused by a release, and the ability to fix them before they become real problems."
Sachin Fernandes
Systems Engineer
See how Cloudflare uses Sentry
"Sentry’s high-quality tooling helps Disney+ maintain high-quality service to its tens of millions of global subscribers."
Andrew Hay
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"This process saves us 15 minutes of trying to reproduce and determine if something is wrong with our software, and then another 15-30 minutes trying to triage to the right team."
Can Zhang
Engineering Manager
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"Sentry is more than a canary in the coal mine. When we see errors come up, when I’m seeing something that I’m nervous about - I keep my eye on Sentry."
Stephen Akinyooye
Senior Software Engineer
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"Sentry automatically captures an enormous amount of valuable information whenever a player experiences a game crash..."
Byron Dover
Engineering Manager for Information Technology
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"Sentry helps our team fix the most important issues in each release."
Jaylum Chen
Staff Software Engineer
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"Sentry has been a Force multiplier in being able to ship high-quality code."
Mike Diaz
Staff Software Engineer
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"By correlating Sentry issues to our dev cycle, we can spot where problems begin and how to fix the source."
Jim Redmond
Sr. System Engineer
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"Sentry has become mission-critical to the way we build and ship software."
Daniel Lopez Ridruejo
Senior Director of Cloud Services
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"Sentry helps us connect the dots so we can have fast UI response times and improve our customer retention rate. With Sentry, we can have peace of mind knowing errors and slowdowns are not left hanging."
Hazem El-sisy
Frontend Technical Lead
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"Our team no longer hears about server errors from our Support team. In fact, these days, we let them know when a client is having trouble and we’ve got a ticket underway."
Mahmoud Hashemi
Director of Engineering
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"The most noticeable for us was an average of 3 hours per week saved in terms of performing deploys, setting up configurations and maintaining infrastructure. For a small web dev team, this has a huge impact."
Primož Bevk
Senior IT Strategist
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"Sentry has become part of my daily routine. Every morning, I check to see if there are any new issues, and look at yesterday’s performance to see if any of our latest changes affect it negatively or positively."
Devin Ozel
Senior Software Engineer
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“Unlike past tools we’ve used, Sentry provides the complete picture. No more combing through logs— Sentry makes it incredibly easy to find issues in our code to deliver a much smoother payment experience and a better overall customer experience.”
Matthew Egan
Engineering Team Lead
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"Seeing only my issues out of thousands makes resolution easy. With Sentry, I can fix a million problems all at once."
Andy Tuba
Sr. Software Engineer
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"We have a better understanding of the usability of our product if we know where errors are occurring."
Stephen Boak
Sr. Product Designer
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"We get peace of mind from Sentry. In the case of a real issue, we immediately know what to fix or roll back."
Valentino Volonghi
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"If a user sees an error, we’re notified immediately."
Travis Beck
Software Engineer
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"Sentry provides me a great interface to see what happened."
Balazs Szele
Tech Lead
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"People don’t need to guess anymore."
Zhaobang Liu
DevOps Engineer
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"If we weren't able to catch the error it would have affected thousands of users, caused our customer service to be overwhelmed and it would have hurt our relationship with the customer."
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"We needed a rock solid error monitoring solution that we could rely on and would allow us to react quickly to issues."
Toby Cox
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"Sentry helped us catch and resolve a critical issue before one of our key customers reported it."
Aaron Snynder
VP of Engineering
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"We don't have to be a big team to serve a lot of customers and it allows us to fix bugs within minutes."
Sten Pittet
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"Sentry is like vitamins for your application. Take your vitamins now to prevent poor application health when it’s older."
Don Brown
Principal Architect
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1M developers at over 80K companies already use Sentry. Why don’t you?
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