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“In the past, this type of investigation would require pivoting between tools to get alerted and it would take 10-15 mins to correlate it with impacted customers. Now, we can do the same thing in Sentry in a couple of minutes.”

Doug Forster

Software Engineer

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“The signal we get from Sentry is the most reliable indicator of software issues and is used throughout Instacart because it can be easily configured for each service regardless of the language or framework.”
Igor Dobrovitski
Infrastructure Software Engineer
“Sentry is part of our morning coffee. It’s the easy button on what problems we should work on for our triaging and debugging process.”
David Hafley
VP of Engineering
“The alerting on Sentry is fantastic. What I really like about it is that it's extremely clear what the alert is going to do, what the conditions are, and I absolutely love the historical timelines.”
Erik Thorelli
Mobile Applications Team Lead
“Being alerted of issues affecting critical workflows and monitoring releases means I can roll back or fix user-facing errors quickly.”
Xin Shen
Full Stack Engineer
“Sentry helps us maintain platform stability and prevents us from shipping something that has a direct effect on our users. A good day for us is when we don’t have crashes… which is every day.”
Max Lapides
Sr. Manager, Mobile Software Engineering
"Sentry’s high-quality tooling helps Disney+ maintain high-quality service to its tens of millions of global subscribers."
Andrew Hay
Director of Streaming Services, Disney+
"We embrace the 'you build it, you run it' philosophy, empowering our developers to take ownership of the code they create. Sentry is key for our engineering teams to deploy code multiple times a day, knowing they can identify and resolve issues quickly."
"We migrated to Sentry SaaS in under 5 days with just 3 engineers. Now we can focus our efforts on building best in class team collaboration software instead of wasting time maintaining on-prem software.”
David Angot
Engineering Manager
“Think about our 150+ developers and multiply that by the number of issues we see across our services and clients - it's insane the amount of developer time we've saved.”
Roni Avidov
R&D Team Lead
"Sentry gives us a good overview of any possible issues that were caused by a release, and the ability to fix them before they become real problems."
Sachin Fernandes
Systems Engineer
"Sentry removes anxiety every time we push a release. Before, we weren't in control. With Sentry, we know we have the tools to not only find an issue, but have the data to dive deeper and resolve it."
Arjan Peters
Technical Engineering Lead at Yuki
"This process saves us 15 minutes of trying to reproduce and determine if something is wrong with our software, and then another 15-30 minutes trying to triage to the right team."
Can Zhang
Engineering Manager
“With Sentry, Orb's billing platform has been a game-changer in delivering transparent and customer-focused billing experiences.”
Kshitij Grover
Co-Founder and CTO
"Sentry automatically captures an enormous amount of valuable information whenever a player experiences a game crash..."
Byron Dover
Engineering Manager for Information Technology
“Being able to use Sentry to monitor the performance as well as our mobile applications is important. Using one solution to monitor the entire application stack gives our engineers the visibility they need to deliver a first-rate experience for our customers.”
Karan Gupta
"Sentry is a key part of operating our new service — the additional context we pass to Sentry on each call has helped us solve pretty tricky bugs, saving countless engineering hours.”
Sid Shanker
Backend Engineer
"Sentry has dramatically reduced our time to resolution - in some cases from weeks to minutes. In most cases, our team typically saves 2-3 hours of back-and-forth with customers and debugging time for each error."
Adam Ahmed
"Sentry helps our team fix the most important issues in each release."
Jaylum Chen
Staff Software Engineer
"With Sentry, we are able to track and report weekly on the end user experience of our app. We rely on Sentry to monitor our progress toward our defined performance goals — week-over-week 95th percentile of page load and page navigation time — and to investigate any regressions that might have occurred.”
Oleg Gusak
Lead Engineer
"When we release a new feature or project we monitor Sentry very closely to see if there are new errors and resolve them very quickly - in a matter of hours I’d say.”
Alex Plugaru
"We started with Sentry 3 years ago when we were building infrastructure and didn’t have a lot of test coverage. Sentry became essential to us to know when things were going wrong.”
Thomas Hockaday
Lead Engineer
"At Lincoln Loop, Sentry is the go-to for fixing app performance problems quickly and diving deep into how our system performs.”
Yann Malet
Sr. Architect & Tech Lead
"Sentry is very easy to use, it is very easy to implement. A lot of other companies will promise a lot of things, but then you look at their documentation, and it is ten pages long. We got Sentry up and running right away and knew it was what we needed.”
Art Sangurai
Director of Engineering
“Over the past few months, we made error and performance monitoring integral to our operating model. We’ve seen improvements in user experience and boosted performance while reducing user friction.”
Sebastiaan Viaene
Senior Software Engineer

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