Screenshot of an example of a notificaiton sent to Slack when Sentry tracks a new error

Customize your notifications

Sentry sends notifications to your Slack channels for the alerts and workflow updates you define. But you can also refine your workflow by filtering message conditions based on just about any event properties you choose.

Card advertising the Sentry + Slack integration

Track errors in real time via chat

Install the plugins package: pip install sentry-plugins. On your project's config page, select the Slack tab and enter your credentials.

Each project has its own configuration and subscription options. You’ll be subscribed to everything by default, but you can update notification preferences via account settings.

Get alerted in Slack for every error in Sentry.

A video of the chatops workflow for getting a notification for an error in a Slack chat and following up to investigate the stack trace in Sentry

Seriously though, stop hoping your users will report bugs.

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