Work at Sentry.
We have fun.

But not too much.
This is still work, after all.

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These are a bunch of buzzwords we’re not gonna use. It’s not that working here is a meaningless slog, but we’d rather give real reasons you should apply to Sentry. We’re a company built around a product that works, and a team that isn’t a cult.

Their Words, Not Ours

Our copywriter polished the grammar, but we seriously didn’t write these for them.

Our Values

Some words we use to shape our culture.

Pixels Matter

We understand that the difference between a good product and a great one is in the finer details. We take extra care to get everything right, down to the last pixel.

Feedback is Priceless

White lies help no one. We give each other constructive, respectful, and sincere feedback for the best collective outcome and most personal growth. (On our work, that is. We'll keep opinions on your floral-patterned pants to ourselves.)

Step by Step

We don't expect to get things right the first time around. We do our best work by iterating: making small changes, measuring impact, and trying again (and again, and sometimes again).

For Every Developer

Sentry is a tool for everyone who codes. We strive to create a product that's accessible (and indispensable) to developers at any level, at companies big, small, and everything beyond and in between.

Work in Progress

We know that we don't know everything. Nothing here is set in stone. We're still filling roles and writing rules, as a team. In the meantime, we embrace individual ownership, autonomy, and accountability.

Value People

We respect one another. We understand that success comes from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, skills, and opinions — not in spite of it. Even if we disagree on the route, we still push forward to the end.

How are we doing?

So well, even we’re a bit surprised.

1M+ total users

595B+ events per month

80K+ customers

$127M in funding

8 flavors of LaCroix

People love badges. We earned some.

What’s so great about working at Sentry, anyway?

Rude Goldberg

Be more than just another cog.

You're more like a sprocket, but with a fridge stocked with a minimum of six different brands of sparkling water. We’re a relatively small and moderately fast-growing team, where every person influences the product, brand, culture, and snack closet. So we promise you’ll never feel useless. Or hungry.

Sentry Logo being cheered

Our product is good.

We won’t tell you that we’re changing the world one bug at a time, because that’d be cheesy and a little weird. But our cloud-based error monitoring saves more than 1 million developers at over 80K organizations a lot of time and headaches. Not to mention, it helps developers find software bugs before they cause any trouble, keeping your everyday tech mostly glitch-free.

Work Hard, Relax Harder

You’ve got better stuff to do than work.

We know that you have a life outside the office. Or at least we hope so. That’s why we offer flexible PTO, commuter benefits, various savings plans, learning & development reimbursement, and health insurance, teeth insurance, eye insurance, life insurance, even more insurance. Insurance insurance. All the insurance you could ever dream of.

The People Who Make Sentry

San Francisco, USA

We’re Everywhere

Okay, not everywhere. But somewhere.

Vienna, Austria

Toronto, Canada

Don’t Forget the Benefits and Perks

And no, we didn't count La Croix.

Competitive Compensation + Equity

We pay well. Because
you’re worth it.

401k Plan

Retirement comes sooner
than you think. (SF office only)

Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance

Because you can never
be too prepared.

Commuter Stipend

You shouldn’t have to pay to get to work.
(SF and Vienna office only)

Professional Development Stipend

Keep your skills sharp. You'll
need them.

Health & Wellness Benefits

Stay healthy, stay happy, do
yoga or something.

Charitable Matching Program

You're a good person.
We like that.

Flexible PTO

You work, we pay. You take time off,
we still pay.

Paid Parental Leave

Get to know the new human
in your life.

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Customer Operations

Our customer success team adds a human touch to our very technical product. We help customers get the most from Sentry while providing the best experience possible.


Sentry's small, scrappy, and salty creative team is out to prove that tech isn't at odds with artistic integrity. We support all aspects of Sentry to establish a cohesive look, voice, and brand.


As a business centered on improving software, it's only logical that Sentry's engineering team sits at the core of our company, building everything from our UI to the infrastructure that processes, stores, and draws insight from billions of events.


The Sentry People Team knows that it takes a strong team to create a powerful product. We build, engage, empower, and support all teams, leaders, and employees across Sentry.


The Product Team fits the many pieces of Sentry together to build a product to suit tens of thousands of organizations. We work to solve real customer problems in a way that’s useful, understandable, and ridiculously well-documented.


At Sentry, our sales team doesn’t focus on selling. Instead, we strive to build relationships, creating a more personal (and better yet, human) experience whenever customers need to connect with Sentry.

Like what you see but don’t see a fit? It never hurts to try.

Sentry is an equal opportunity employer. We’re committed to building a diverse team, with an inclusive culture where every teammate can thrive. Sentry is an open source company because we believe that everyone, everywhere, should have the ability and tools to make great software. Software should be accessible. That starts with making our industry accessible.

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