Sentry Announces EU Data Region, Significant Upgrades to its Performance Monitoring Platform, and Expansion of Ecosystem Support

Developer-first platform offers Data Residency in EU for all customers

SAN FRANCISCO — November 13, 2023Sentry, the only developer-first application monitoring platform, today announced significant upgrades including new support for its growing European customer base with EU data residency support, enhancements to Performance Monitoring and Session Replay, as well as the addition of new platforms, integrations, and public APIs. These new capabilities help developers ensure near-perfect user experiences by identifying and resolving any software errors and performance bottlenecks - all delivered in their workflow and toolchain.

With Data Residency now available for the EU, customers have the option to store and process event data exclusively in the European Union, helping them comply with corporate policies and local compliance requirements. This expansion is a significant step forward in Sentry’s mission to provide secure, compliant, and privacy-focused solutions for its customers.

“As an EMEA-based company, complying with EU data privacy laws is essential, but so is maintaining our rapid developer velocity. We selected Sentry because their application monitoring platform combines best-in-class performance and error tracking with the ability to control where our user data lives. With Sentry’s new EU cloud offering, our developers can continue to ship code quickly and monitor app health without compromising security,” explains CEO, Johannes Nagl of

Monitor user experience and take action on slowdowns with updates to Sentry performance

  • Industry-first JavaScript Profiling in Production: As the only solution that supports frontend profiling in production, JavaScript developers can gain critical insights into their code’s performance, helping them pinpoint and rectify bottlenecks more effectively.
  • Identify Regressed Function Calls at the Code Level: Developers can now automatically detect regressed functions - and their corresponding impacted API endpoints - making it even easier to optimize their applications for smoother user experiences.
  • Actionable Web Vitals Workflow: Sentry has revamped how to leverage the concept of Web Vitals to solve the most important issues, taking you from poor-performing Web Vitals to resource-intensive code, to help developers discover and solve performance problems in their applications.
  • Find Slow Database Queries: Sentry recently announced Query Insights which shows you slow-loading queries, how it’s impacting users, and the specific endpoint, correlated issues, and spans causing the slowdown.

Resolve silent customer-impacting issues with Session Replay

Sentry has enhanced its privacy-first Session Replay offering by introducing rage and dead click detection, as well as User Feedback functionality, allowing developers to proactively address customer-impacting issues and receive direct feedback from users regarding issues like typos, confusing labels, or unresponsive interactive elements. This update ensures the subtle signs of user dissatisfaction are not overlooked and provides developers with both written customer feedback and video-like reproductions to quickly reproduce and resolve these issues.

Improve developer workflows with support for emerging technologies and new public APIs

With the most robust platform support across 100+ frameworks and languages, Sentry continues to be the leader in supporting developers wherever they run their code. To that end, Sentry has re-architected its JavaScript SDK to be WinterCG compatible, allowing it to be the first to market with the support of modern Node-based frameworks like Deno, Bun, and edge runtimes.

Sentry has also made new APIs available, including alert rules and notifications, enabling the creation of robust integrations like Instacart’s internal canary release detection, or recent public integrations by LaunchDarkly, Cloudflare, and Atlassian – all focusing on simplifying issue tracking and alerting across any workflow to help improve the developer experience and reduce time to resolution.

“Imagine being able to easily improve slow queries, identify broken links, speed up checkout/logins, or any key transactions by 2-100x without needing a PhD. With the updates announced today, we are enabling these outcomes for software teams globally” said CEO, Milin Desai. “And we are really excited to bring data residency to serve our growing European developer community, giving them more flexibility and control over where their data resides.”

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