Sentry Brings Performance Monitoring to the Developer

Agentless client-side monitoring solution enables developers to find and resolve performance bottlenecks with just five lines of code

SAN FRANCISCO — July 14, 2020Sentry, the market leader in application monitoring, now provides agentless frontend performance monitoring for Python and JavaScript. With a focus on code and developers, Sentry enables engineering and development teams to more quickly identify performance issues by tracing them to poor-performing API calls along with related errors—all with just five lines of code.

Performance bottlenecks and code errors can stall shopping carts, slow down search results, or simply render services unresponsive, driving unsatisfied customers directly to the competition. Studies show that 91% of organizations have reported missed revenue due to performance and availability issues and the average monthly loss is an estimated $634,000. In addition, companies spend around $4.6 million annually on incident management due to the frequency of incidents, inefficient workflows and processes, and lack of actionable data to help identify the root cause.

“Sentry’s performance tracking has been a huge help for us. Before, it was difficult to know exactly how long key functions actually took to load in real-time conditions. Now, we have metrics to assess whether load times are acceptable and we can learn which conditions impact performance, as part of our drive to constantly improve the user’s experience,” said Alexandre Grégoire, web lead at Transit, an app that provides real-time public transit data to users in more than 200 cities worldwide.

With Performance Monitoring by Sentry, engineering managers and developers now have a solution to resolve performance bottlenecks and deliver fast, reliable, and personalized customer experiences that drive business value. Within minutes, they can trace issues back to a poor-performing API call and surface trends to help them proactively prevent future performance issues, saving time and dramatically reducing costs.

“As more organizations go digital, it is important to know how your code is doing in production and not just if your systems are operational. Developers need a more direct line to the customer experience and related issues,” said Milin Desai, CEO, Sentry. “Sentry is the only platform that enables software teams to easily trace issues related to errors in code, identify performance problems, and surface trends in code quality, all while integrating seamlessly into your development tool stack. This reduces time to resolution from days to minutes, frees up developer cycles, and ensures satisfied, returning customers.”

“Sentry’s new performance offering has been a great addition to help us realize and tackle endpoint performance issues. With error tracking, release integration and now performance monitoring, Sentry gives us the visibility we need to maintain and improve our overall product quality,” said Adam Wester, vice president of engineering at Sherpa, a platform for compliant messaging and lead generation.

Sentry Performance arms engineering and development teams with:

  • Application Health Insights: Quickly understand customer satisfaction based on your application’s response time to their interactions with live updating latency and throughput data. Compare slow response times, increases in transactions, and error rates to scientifically diagnose and fix all performance issues.
  • Transaction Summary: View transactions sorted by slowest duration time, related issues, and the number of users having a slow experience in one consolidated view. Enable release markers for a second layer of context to gauge how your users react to new code pushed to production. Also, track business-critical parts of your application with Key Transactions.
  • Root Cause Analysis: Easily identify and understand differences in characteristics between outliers and normal performing transactions with superior drill-down capabilities and user-friendly visualizations.
  • Tracing: Leverage end-to-end distributed tracing to reveal the exact DB query that caused an error or performance issue.
  • Performance Alerts: See how crashes contribute to performance and set thresholds to get alerted if performance metrics fall past a predefined tolerance band. Drill down into transaction details within tracing waterfalls, which visually highlight API call times in relation to expected operations and device data, to quickly identify which API calls are giving customers poor experiences.

Sentry provides application monitoring with rich context to more than 1 million developers and 60,000 organizations worldwide. The addition of Sentry Performance expands the company’s mission-critical capabilities so that software teams can gather specific, actionable insights to resolve the most impactful errors, quickly investigate slowdowns, and effortlessly track the success of releases over time. Learn more about Sentry Performance on the company blog or visit the website to get started with just five lines of code.

About Sentry

Sentry’s mission is to eliminate the havoc and potential financial loss associated with defective software by making best-in-class application monitoring available to all software teams. Sentry helps developers discover, triage, and prioritize code errors and performance bottlenecks in real time in order to deliver the best possible end-user experiences complementing your systems monitoring tools. More than 60,000 organizations worldwide — and many of the world’s best software companies — including Atlassian, Cloudflare, Disney, GitHub, and Microsoft, use Sentry to diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. Learn more at


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