Fixing handleHardNavigation errors in Next.js

Stephen Cefali

What are handleHardNavigation Errors?

Handle hard navigation errors occur in Next.js applications when trying to redirect to the same page. These errors show up with the message Error: Invariant: attempted to hard navigate to the same URL.

What causes handleHardNavigation Errors?

When you see the error Invariant: attempted to hard navigate to the same URL, it means that that browser tried to load the page of the same URL. There are a number of reasons this might happen:

  • Loading a page after a new build (explanation)
  • You’re using an older version of Next.js (related issue)
  • Your app is redirecting to the same URL in middleware.

How to Resolve

If the problem is that your app is redirecting to the same URL, you have to track down what’s causing the redirect and fix that. If that doesn’t work, you can try a few workarounds:


If you can’t figure out the exact root cause of the redirect but you want to make the issue go away, you have a few other options:

Custom 404 Page

If you are seeing the redirect when handling a 404, you can create a custom page named [...myErrorPage] and treat that as your 404 page (source)

Filter out Error

As a last resort, you can filter out these errors from Sentry altogether. To do this, edit your Sentry.init as shown below:

Sentry.init({ beforeSend: (event) => { if (event.exception?.values?.[0].value.includes('Invariant: attempted to hard navigate to the same URL')) { return null; } return event; }, });

Get Started With Sentry

Get actionable, code-level insights to resolve Next.js performance bottlenecks and errors.

Run the line of code below to:

  1. Create a free Sentry account

  2. Run the CLI install command to automatically add the Sentry SDK to your project:

    npx @sentry/wizard@latest -i nextjs
  3. Start capturing errors and performance issues

Check our documentation for the latest instructions.

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