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How do I fix the error 'WebSocket is closed before the connection is established'?

How do I fix the error 'WebSocket is closed before the connection is established'?

Richard C.

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When using the Laravel WebSockets package from Beyond Code (or another framework or language), you might get this error:

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WebSocket is closed before the connection is established

How do you fix this error?

The Solution

The WebSockets package from Beyond Code is obsolete and no longer maintained. If possible, upgrade your project to Laravel Reverb, the official WebSockets package. Upgrading won’t fix the connection error, however.

If your WebSocket server is running correctly, then the error is probably caused by the browser port not matching the server port. First, check to see which port is in use in your websockets.php file. For example:

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<?php use BeyondCode\LaravelWebSockets\Dashboard\Http\Middleware\Authorize; return [ /* * Set a custom dashboard configuration */ 'dashboard' => [ 'port' => env('LARAVEL_WEBSOCKETS_PORT', 6001), ],

Check that the port matches the port used in your JavaScript code. You might need to look in a JSON or .env file.

If you are using Docker, check in your docker-compose.yaml file that the WebSocket server port is exposed to your physical machine.

For example, the following services section of a docker-compose.yaml file might look like this if the 7770 port is on your physical machine and the 6001 port is in the container:

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services: app: container_name: lara image: ports: - '7770:6001'

Remember that the Laravel port is different from the WebSocket port. They are separate services.

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