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How do I strip all spaces out of a string in PHP?

How do I strip all spaces out of a string in PHP?

Nadia S.

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How do I strip all spaces out of a string in PHP?

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To remove the spaces from a string in PHP, use the str_replace() function. Use a space ' ' as the first argument, an empty string '' as the second argument, and the string as the third argument. For example:

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$string = 'This string might have spaces.'; $strippedString = str_replace(' ', '', $string); echo $strippedString;

This returns the original string with spaces removed:

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If you want to remove all whitespace from a string, including tabs and line breaks, you can use the preg_replace() function. Pass in the '/\s+/' regular expression, followed by an empty string '', and the actual string variable. For example:

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$string = "This string may contain tabs, spaces, and even a\nlinebreak."; $strippedString = preg_replace('/\s+/', '', $string); echo $strippedString;


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