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Invalid next.config.js options detected

Invalid next.config.js options detected

Matthew C.

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When using a Next.js app, you may encounter the following error in your terminal indicating that your next.config.js file has invalid keys or values:

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Invalid next.config.js options detected:

The second line in the error message points to the incorrect configuration option. For example, if you use the following Next.js configuration in your next.config.js file:

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module.exports = { output: "standalon", }

You’ll get the error:

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Expected 'standalone' | 'export', received 'standalon' at "output"

The Solution

Next.js is configured using the next.config.js file in the root directory of your project. Fix the config error listed in the error message. For example:

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module.exports = { output: "standalone", }

The next.config.js file is a Node.js module used by the Next.js server and build but is not included in the browser build.

The file has a default CommonJS module export. You can export an ES module instead if you name the file next.config.mjs. You can also export a function, and from Next.js version 12.1.0 you can export an async function.

If you use a function, you can set specific configs for production, testing, and development using the phase argument, to set the current context in which the configuration is loaded. You can see a list of the available phases here.

You can see a list of the available configuration options in the Next.js docs, including: output, reactStrictMode, and images.

If you are using TypeScript, make sure that you import the NextConfig type from next and add it as a JS Doc comment that references the TypeScript type using the @type tag:

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/** @type {import("next").NextConfig} */ module.exports = { output: "standalone", }

Use the TypeScript tools in your development IDE to see which configuration keys and values are valid.

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