Print multiple times without newlines or spaces in Python

David Y.

The Problem

Each time I call print in Python, a new line is created. For example:

print("hello") print("world")

This code will print the following:

hello world

If I pass multiple strings to print, they will be separated by spaces. For example:

print("hello", "world")

This code will print the following:

hello world

How do I avoid both newlines and spaces and print helloworld? In other words, I would like all new strings to be printed directly after the previous output, without any separators.

The Solution

Python’s print function takes two optional keyword parameters, sep and end.

  • sep: a string to print between arguments. Defaults to ' ' (space).
  • end: a string to print at the end. Defaults to '\n' (new line).

To prevent these extra spaces and line breaks from being printed, we can set both sep and end to empty strings, as below:

print("hello", sep="", end="") print("world", sep="", end="") print("hello", "world", sep="", end="")

This code will print the following:

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