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React Native error: Unrecognized command 'link' when linking fonts

React Native error: Unrecognized command 'link' when linking fonts

Abdul D.

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In React Native, you might encounter an Unrecognized command [link] error when using the command npx react-native [link] to link custom fonts or other assets.

The link and unlink commands have been removed from the React Native CLI in versions 0.60 and above, as these versions now support automatic linking.

The Solution

Use automatic or manual linking to add custom fonts or other assets to your React Native project. Here’s how to do it:

Automatic Linking

Ensure your React Native version is 0.60 or higher, as these versions support automatic linking of most packages and assets.

Install the library with npm or yarn as React Native will automatically link the library when the app is rebuilt. For example, to install a custom icon package you can use a command like:

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npm install react-native-vector-icons

Manual Linking

You may need to link some assets, like custom icons manually. Add your icon files to the appropriate directory in your project (for example: ./assets/icons/) and update your react-native.config.js file to include the assets folder. For example:

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module.exports = { project: { ios: {}, android: {} }, assets: ["./assets/icons/"] // path to your icon file };

After you update your configuration or add assets to it, rebuild the project to apply the changes:

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npx react-native run-android


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npx react-native run-ios
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