Select multiple columns in Python Pandas

David Y.

The Problem

How do I select multiple columns from an existing DataFrame and create a new DataFrame with them?

The Solution

We can do this by creating a list of the column names we want and passing them to the DataFrame constructor method, along with the original DataFrame. The code below shows an example:

import pandas # Our main DataFrame main = pandas.DataFrame([["apple", 1, 2], ["orange", 3, 4], ["pear", 5, 6]], columns=["product", "cost_price", "sale_price"]) print(main) print("\n") # Our smaller DataFrame subset = pandas.DataFrame(main, columns=["product", "sale_price"]) print(subset)

This code will produce the following output:

product cost_price sale_price 0 apple 1 2 1 orange 3 4 2 pear 5 6 product sale_price 0 apple 2 1 orange 4 2 pear 6
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