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How Riot Gaming Levels Up With Sentry

If errors are the enemies of game development, then error monitoring is like getting a character boost. Below is an excerpt from an article where Riot Games shows how they integrate Sentry’s error monitoring (+1 visibility) and diagnostics (+1 collaboration) to create games free of patches, glitches, and downtime.

Operations & Support

Just as important as developing games is ensuring they’re up and running when players log on to play. Let’s take a look at how Riot engineers use Slack to stay on top of operations and on-call support.

Monitoring & Alerting

Many of our game teams integrate with Sentry for robust crash analytics and diagnostics. Sentry provides a feature-rich marketplace application which integrates directly with Riot’s game operations and monitoring channels.


Sentry automatically captures an enormous amount of valuable information whenever a player experiences a game crash, including screenshots and the actions that occurred directly before a crash. A summary of these events is automatically posted to actively monitored Slack channels. On-call engineers can assign crashes to colleagues directly via Slack, or click through to learn more.

Check out the entire post about Byron, Engineering Manager at Riot, and how his team uses Slack, Sentry, and other best-in-class developer tools here.

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