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How Tackle Creates Customer Trust with Sentry

Regardless of the strength of your product, and the quality of your code, if the end result isn’t happy customers… What’s the point?

For Tackle, a software company dedicated to helping ISVs turn the Cloud Marketplaces into repeatable, sustainable, and significant sources of revenue, customer experience is everything. As a software company serving other software companies, Tackle knows exactly what matters most to its customers, which is why they use Sentry.

“Sentry helped us catch and resolve a critical issue before one of our key customers reported it,” said Aaron Snyder, Tackle’s Director of Engineering. Aaron used Sentry at his previous company and understood the necessity of world-class error monitoring to develop both a healthy code and customer base. With over a dozen engineers reporting directly to Aaron, and product and support responsibilities rolling up to his team, a reactive system for bugs was never going to get the job done. Aaron needed Sentry.

Sentry helped us catch and resolve a critical issue before one of our key customers reported it.

Sentry helps Aaron’s team proactively catch bugs before they reach customers. When the team finds bugs before customers do, they can use Sentry’s data to quickly triage and solve the issue. Fixing bugs sooner keeps customers happy. Sentry allows Tackle to fix bugs sooner by proactively catching the root cause of these issues.

Additional Sentry Benefits

Tackle wanted to double down on winning customer’s trust, and Sentry is a key partner in that endeavor. Simply put, If you can prevent errors you can give a better customer experience. Beyond the benefits to customers, Aaron explained a few other reasons why Tackle chose Sentry.

Full Stack Integration: Sentry integrates into the full stack, to proactively alert them when users encounter issues across platforms.

Flexible Logging: Sentry provided the flexibility Tackle needed to instrument very specific logging for particular cases. Beyond that, Sentry is smart enough to catch the edge cases that the team might otherwise miss.

Freedom to Iterate: Sentry allows Tackle to rapidly iterate on product ideas, with confidence that if they move too fast they’ll be able to catch a problem early. For example, Sentry alerted Tackle’s team that a key client encountered a bug. Tackle was able to push a fix to production and proactively notify the client that we detected and fixed the issue. This level of monitoring allows Tackle to deliver on a promise of world-class user experience while continuing to push the envelope on new software development.

Sentry is now an integral part of Tackle’s software development and customer experience initiatives. With intelligent, proactive error monitoring from Sentry, Tackle can create a better product, and keep customers happy. With robust Sentry error monitoring in place, they can try new ideas without worrying about errors falling through the cracks and causing problems. Sentry gives Tackle the confidence to deliver a robust platform, with an intelligent error monitoring solution that catches cracks before they become leaks.

A better experience for your users. An easier life for your developers.

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