Key Results

  • Database queries reduced by orders of magnitude
  • Prioritized issues = reduced user friction
  • Reduced operational overhead


JavaScript, Node, Angular


Error Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Release Health, Context, Custom Alerts, Issue Owners, Session Replay

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Optimizing API Performance and Enhancing Developer Productivity at Tilled

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Tilled is a leading PayFac-as-a-Service platform that empowers software vendors, marketplaces, and SaaS companies to generate revenue from transactions on their own platforms. With Tilled, B2B software companies get the benefits of payment facilitation without taking on any of the additional overhead or liability.

A key part of their success lies in their ability to provide APIs for their customers to process payments. Monitoring API performance is essential for maintaining the availability of critical endpoints that have a direct impact on the business. Developers at Tilled need purpose-built application performance monitoring solutions that give them:

  • Detailed context into performance issues
  • Visibility into how 3rd party integrations affect performance
  • The ability to track response times and analyze trends across different endpoints
  • A single platform to report on application performance over time, and identify areas for improvement

By leveraging Sentry’s developer-first APM solution and session replay feature, Tilled maintains a 99.98% aggregate availability across all their API endpoints while engineers get to concentrate on enhancing user experiences and driving innovation.

The ability to really dive into a performance event, and actually see what happened at the database level, that’s been invaluable for us as a team.

A better experience for your users. An easier life for your developers.

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