Sentry Launch Week

Ready for liftoff

We’ll be showing off new features and products all week long, so get comfy. Tune in to Sentry’s YouTube and Discord daily at 9am PT to hear the latest scoop.

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March 18, 9 am PTIntroducing Metrics for Developers: now in beta
March 19, 9 am PTTroubleshooting Performance Problems
March 20, 9 am PTFix Smarter with AI
March 21, 9 am PTBreak Production Less
March 22, 9 am PTMake Debugging Fun (Maybe)

Day 1 - Introducing Metrics for Developers: now in beta

Day 2 - Troubleshooting Performance Problems

Day 3 - Fix Smarter with AI

Day 4 - Break Production Less

Day 5 - Make Debugging Fun (Maybe)

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