Full stack error monitoring more helpful than “Your sh*t is broken”

Source maps for JS and Node, symbolication for iOS, and stack locals for Python bug tracking. View actual code in stack traces for over 32 languages and frameworks.

See error parameters and session information in the crash report.

Navigate your Issues across multiple projects in a single view. See all Issues across your entire organization, or select a handful of related projects to surface trouble spots.

Why just debug errors? Go back in time

Sentry’s added context and Breadcrumbs include the event history and actions that led up to every bug. No more debugging customer stories about how they clicked the thing and then this other thing did a weird thing.

Why guess when you can know?

Understand the context that contributed to errors with tags and relevant information about your software, environment, and users.

You can also submit optional custom data to provide extra context for bug tracking that is unique to your application and business.

  • “How many widgets were visible when the app crashed?”
  • “Was their game running in 32 bit or 64 bit mode?”
  • “Does this issue only affect rooted phones?”
  • “Which clients’ users are experiencing this bug?”
  • “What was the value of their shopping cart?”
  • “Did the waxing gibbous cause the problem?”

Keep an eye on every stage of your app’s lifecycle Find out when a deploy is a problem and stay on top of user experience

See the specific commit that caused the bug and resolve the problem in Sentry as part of your next release.

Automatically assign new issues to the engineer or team best suited to tackle the error.

Visualize errors throughout your organization with Dashboards, including graphs of your spikes, geographic mapping, and errors and events organized by release.

See the forest. See the trees. See everything. Use Issue and Events graphs to understand
the frequency, scope, and impact of errors.

Get alerts via email, SMS, or chat when bugs make it into production without disrupting your development workflow.

Use distributed tracing to track errors across multiple projects and Issues using raw error data in our Events view.

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Take a deep dive into your data with Discover, Sentry's custom query-builder.

Get User Feedback (Or Don’t)

If a front-end error happens, Sentry can prompt users for feedback so you can directly compare their experiences to the data. Or you can just use the data. This feature is optional.

Is your data secure?
You better believe it.

Just look at all the high-quality security features all accounts get, regardless of plan.

  • Two-Factor Auth
  • Single Sign On support
  • Organization audit log
  • SOC-2 Certified

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  • Privacy Shield certified
  • PII data scrubbing
  • SSL encryption
  • COPPA Compliant

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It also integrates with your favorite apps and services

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Logo for GitHub For GitHub
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It looks nice too Have some self-respect while you monitor errors

A screenshot of the Sentry crash reporting dashboard

Seriously though, stop hoping your users will report bugs.

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