Modern crash reporting for your Symfony apps

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Getting started is simple

Grab the client and add Sentry DSN to config.yml:

composer require sentry/sentry-symfony

Add Sentry to app/AppKernel.php:

class AppKernel extends Kernel
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            new Sentry\SentryBundle\SentryBundle(),

Get insight into the errors that affect your customers

Know immediately if something goes wrong

We’ll notify you via email, sms, or chat when new issues occur or old ones resurface.

See the impact of each release in real-time

Make sure new changes don’t have an unexpected impact on your users.

Diagnose and fix issues faster than ever

Use the extra context Sentry provides to zero in on the root causes of errors.

Better Errors

If you've ever had to dig through Apache logs looking at errors you might know how painful it can be. Sentry gives you enhanced stacktraces with additional context, as well as a high level aggregation of what's important.


Understand the Impact

What's better than knowing an error happened? Knowing who it affected! Sentry makes it easy record which users and machines were affected by an error, and how frequently it's occurring.

Take customer support one step further by reacting to errors your customers hit, and reach out to them letting them know you've addressed the problems.

Expand your scope with context locals

We give you all of the power of PHP's introspection inside of your browser. Drill down into each frame in the stack trace including a summary of the context local variables available within that scope.

Never again be stumped by what an input value was that caused a mysterious exception.


Sentry works with all major languages and frameworks.

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It also integrates with your favorite apps and services.

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