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Full Stack

Sentry supports over 17 languages and 29 frameworks, covering virtually every kind of web application imaginable. If you can code it, we can make any problems you encounter far easier to fix.

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See the Forest and the Trees

Sentry details every error in your application, even if your code is minified. How many users are impacted? What is the call stack? What browsers are affected? Which commit caused the bug? Sentry answers these at a glance.

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Web Performance Monitoring

Quickly identify performance issues and view full end-to-end distributed trace to see the exact, poor-performing API call and surface any related errors.

“Seeing only my 30 issues out of thousands makes resolution easy. With Sentry, I can fix a million problems all at once.”

Andy Tuba, Sr. Software Engineer

// Just try to mess this up.
Sentry.init({ dsn: 'YOUR_PUBLIC_DSN' });

So Easy, Even You Can Do It

That’s why over 60,000 orgs and 1,000,000 developers actively use Sentry. Setup only takes a few lines of code. Get notified about errors via email, SMS, or chat. Assign problems directly to the best suited team or developer from within Sentry or through your preferred issue tracker.

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Security? Security. Security!

Obviously, security is important to us, because if we said it wasn’t, we wouldn’t last very long as a cloud service. HIPAA and HITECH, PCI, GDPR; we go above and beyond the requirements of these (and other) acronyms.

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Keep your bugs to a minimum, and you’ll love us. And since we help you keep your bugs to a minimum, you’ll love us anyway.



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Works with every major language. For personal projects and early-stage applications.

  • Real-time error tracking
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For apps and teams primed to grow. Add as many members and projects as you need.

  • Third-party integrations
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  • On-demand events


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Get more control over your resolution workflow and deeper insight into relevant events.

  • Advanced analytics
  • SAML Single Sign-on
  • Data volume controls

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Get enterprise security and custom SLAs to support business-critical application performance.

  • High volume pricing
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1,000,000 developers at over 60,000 companies already use Sentry. Why don’t you?