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Sentry vs LogRocket

Tired of LogRocket not meeting your debugging needs?

As a developer, you need more than a stand-alone session replay tool. Unlike LogRocket, Sentry’s Session Replay offers code-level context that is fully integrated into its error and performance monitoring platform to help you get to the root cause of issues on your app. Switch to Sentry for an all-in-one APM experience that meets your end-to-end triage and troubleshooting needs.

Over 25,000 teams rely on Sentry's Session Replay to debug their web apps

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Debug more effectively with devtools embedded in the Replay view

Watch repro steps while navigating rich debugging context such as console logs, DOM elements, and trace details right within the Replay view.

Only see the sessions impacting your users — no matter the pricing tier

Sentry provides all teams the flexibility to sample replays how they want, including the ability to capture replays associated with errors, whereas LogRocket allows for conditional sampling only on their enterprise tier.

Identify latency problems on your app

Fix performance issues faster by seeing when and where slowdowns are occurring with Replay.

“Session Replay has been instrumental in helping us resolve hydration errors. With Replay, we can visually see the jankiness of the page and pinpoint which components were impacted, saving us hours of manual debugging.”

Laszlo Gaal

Here's how we do it better



Ability to sample replays tied to errors
Only on enterprise
Replays tied to performance issues
Replays tied to user frustration signals i.e. rage & dead clicks
Data obfuscation by default
Yes (private by default)
No (manually exclude data)
Data retention of 90 days
Data retention of 30 days
Events timeline within replays
DOM events
Trace view
Console logs
Memory details
Support for Canvas

We provide the strongest privacy protections out-of-the-box

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Unlike LogRocket which makes users manually opt out of user data, Sentry obfuscates all text and images by default and enables users to opt-in to data deemed safe.

"As a healthcare company, handling PII/PHI properly is really important to us and our members - Sentry made it really easy to avoid exposing this sensitive data in Replays"

Dave Cridland
Staff Engineer, Peppy Health

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