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With EU region availability, you can choose to have your Sentry data hosted in the EU (instead of the U.S.) to meet your company’s data residency requirements. Sign up for early access and we'll notify you when its your turn.

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Our infrastructure is designed for high volumes of traffic. When your events spike, we'll be ready.

Stay secure

Don't leave yourself vulnerable with an out-of-date instance. Hosted Sentry is constantly kept up to date.

No administration

“Who set this up?” “Ted did.” “Ted quit last month.” “Does anyone else know how it works?” “Probably not.”

Get 3 months of Team for Free

When you switch from your self-hosted Sentry, we'll set you up with a $100 credit while you migrate your data. If you need a high volume of events, contact us.


Yes. On average, Sentry enterprise customers send 1B events each month. The upper range of these are well over 37B. If you have questions about your scale, fill out the form above and we'll be in touch.

The average migration for an enterprise customer takes three weeks. We built tools and a guide to make it as self-serve as possible so you don't have to talk to anyone.

We've also seen enterprise companies migrate within a week and others six weeks - it depends on internal alignment, prioritization, and at least one dedicated engineer leading the process.

For example, a popular social network completed their migration within four weeks with a junior engineer leading the project whereas three senior engineers, at a popular global SaaS company completed their complex mirgration within a week.

Unlike managing an open-source version of Sentry, where companies on average have the equivalent of two full-time engineers maintaining their self-hosted version, Sentry SaaS is managed by our team of engineers. This means your engineers can focus on building new products and features for your customers while we handle the software updates and infrastructure management.

Retain top talent — We continue to hear from engineering leadership that finding and retaining talent is a top priority. However, when top talent focuses on maintaining and fixing internal tooling rather than building exciting new features or products using modern tooling, it can hurt developer morale and productivity.

Save on engineering and infrastructure costs — Moving to SaaS could save you from overprovisioning infrastructure and using engineering resources to maintain your self-hosted instance. Why? Because many times this means you are over-provisioning capacity, which can cause organizations to pay for unused hardware to support spikes in event volume.

Fill out the form above to see how we can help make your developers happier and migrate over with zero disruptions to your workflow.

We push new features and fixes daily to Sentry SaaS without any downtime. You get the latest features and software fixes without the endless loop of planning, conversations with your IT team, and a wait time for an upgrade to occur. That said, if you aren't ready to migrate we do recommend you upgrade to the latest version of open source.

If you are running on a older version of Sentry, you are more suceptible to security risks. Which means if anything breaks your team is responsible for installing patches and upgrades

Learn more about upgrading here

Sentry is committed to securing your application’s data, eliminating systems vulnerability, and ensuring appropriate access. We are probably even more secure than your instance. To address PII, we have a Data Scrubber option in Sentry’s settings which ensures PII doesn’t get sent to or stored on Sentry’s servers, automatically removing any values that look like they contain sensitive information.

Check out our Security and Compliance page here to read more.

The majority of companies can migrate their instance on their own using the guide here. For enterprise customers with a more complex instance, our solutions engineering team will build a migration plan with you and help with the migration which is included within your enterprise pricing plan. Unsure if you need migration help? Fill out the form above and we'll be in touch.

As part of our support for migrating you over, we can mirror your instance, so when you log in, you will see a replica of your configurations and historical data. Fill out the form above to work with one of our sales engineers.

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