Cut Out the Noise: Issue Grouping and Alerting Best Practices

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We’re drowning in emails and Slack notifications. As our eyes glaze over, we start bulk-archiving everything into folders we most likely never go into again - missing critical bugs, crashes, or slowdowns sometimes weeks too late.

Join Dustin Bailey, Solutions Engineer at Sentry, and Phillip Jones, Ecosystem Product Manager, in this interactive workshop as he shares issue grouping and alerting best practices to help cut out the noise so you can start taking action on issues faster.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve grouping rules to minimize repeat alerts
  • Learn from historical data to reduce notifications
  • Fine-tune issue and metric alerts (and when to choose one over the other)
  • Get a sneak-peek into what Sentry’s shipping next for alerts


  • Dustin Bailey photo

    Dustin Bailey

  • Phillip Jones photo

    Phillip Jones

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