AMA: How to detect, fix, and prevent ANRs


Solving ANRs (Application Not Responding errors) is challenging. They can occur across any of your application components, so it can be difficult to identify the root cause. But, it’s important to maintain a low ANR rate, not only to deliver better customer experiences but also to avoid getting penalized for “bad behavior” on the Google Play Store.

In this AMA, hear tips and best practices for solving ANRs from Sentry’s Android experts, Markus Hintersteiner and Roman Zavarnitsyn. In addition, the team covers:

  • The different types of ANRs and which matter most for your app
  • A comparison between existing detection mechanisms, such as watchdog and native signal handler, with the new ApplicationExitInfo API
  • How Sentry can help you detect and solve ANRs faster


  • Roman Zavarnitsyn photo

    Roman Zavarnitsyn

  • Lazar Nikolov photo

    Lazar Nikolov

    Developer Advocate, Sentry

  • Markus Hintersteiner photo

    Markus Hintersteiner

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