How Calixa protects developers' time with a custom integration


Whether you want to improve how your team uses Sentry or publish an integration, we’re making it easier to build on Sentry.

Join Thomas Schiavone (CEO and Co-founder of Calixa) and Gautham Chundi (PM at Sentry) as they walk through how Calixa built a custom integration on Sentry’s platform. The Calixa team’s goal was to remove distractions for their developers. They ended up building something both their developers and customers could use. No developer will have to hear, “Is it fixed yet?” again.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Why Calixa chose to integrate with Sentry
  • Calixa’s development cycle
  • Upcoming API and Integration Platform updates

At Sentry, we were curious about how developers were building on our tools to solve their problems. So we decided to ask them. This partner workshop series highlights the stories of developers who have built tools that extend Sentry’s code observability capabilities, from public integrations to internal tooling like canary analysis. Every episode, a new developer tells us what, why, and how they built what they did, along with the value it brings to their end customers and any advice they have for others looking to build on Sentry.


  • Gautham Chundi

    Director of Product Management Sentry

  • Thomas Schiavone

    Co-founder and CEO Calixa

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