Cheat Codes for Game Development with Sentry and Unity

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Whether you’re building the latest FPS or a turn-based classic, you need visibility in how your game is performing on a gamer’s device. Unity is arguably the most popular engine used to develop games so there’s a pretty good chance you, the game developer, are using it.

Join Joona Rahko, Principal Software Engineer at Unity, Sentry’s own Bruno Garcia, Mobile Engineering Lead, and Stefan Jandl, Unity SDK Engineer, as they wax poetic about game development, why monitoring matters, and what’s possible with Sentry’s new Unity SDK.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • How Unity ensures a high-quality experience for all their web services
  • Why having real-time telemetry on your games is important
  • What it’s like to build a tower defense game with Unity just so you could dogfood the Unity SDK you were building


  • Bruno Garcia

  • Joona Rahko

  • Stefan Jandl

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