DEX Meetup Hacktoberfest | Seattle

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  • Sarah Guthals photo

    Sarah GuthalsHead of Developer RelationsSentry

  • Shana Matthews photo

    Shana MatthewsSenior Developer AdvocateSentry

This event already happened but we haven’t updated this resource yet. Check back soon for what will surely be riveting thought leadership content.

Cancelled due to horrendous air quality in the Seattle area

Welp - the air quality has not improved and we’re super bummed to have to cancel today’s DEX meetup due to unhealthy conditions in the Seattle area 😞

You can still catch us on next week’s Hacktoberfest live stream at 10am PT

Stay safe everyone! 😷

Spooky season is here, and that means HACKTOBERFEST!

Are you participating in Hacktoberfest this year?

Sentry’s DevRel team has been live streaming Hacktoberfest contributions every Wednesday throughout October, and on October 20th, Sarah Guthals and Shana Matthews will be hosting a DEX Meetup in Seattle, WA to hack on Hacktoberfest.

What to expect:

  • Have a Hacktoberfest repo/issue you want to work on? Great! Come ready to work on it.
  • Don’t know what to work on yet? Don’t worry! We can help you find something that works with your technical interests and level.
  • Stuck on a Hacktoberfest issue? Maybe we can help! Let’s debug together.
  • Hungry? Thirsty? Perfect! We will have food and drinks (including NA options of course).
  • There will be wifi, a dedicated table, and power.

Where to meet us: We’re going to be at Optimism Brewing from 1 - 6pm PT in a reserved area.

We look forward to seeing you there! Make sure you register above so we can make sure to have enough food, drinks, and swag for you all.

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