AMA: Getting Started with OpenTelemetry and Sentry

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This event already happened but we haven’t updated this resource yet. Check back soon for what will surely be riveting thought leadership content.

Join the Sentry developers who built Sentry’s OpenTelemetry support and learn how to understand the performance of your OTel instrumented applications.

As the leading open standard for observability, thousands of companies use OpenTelemetry to capture data across their services - but capturing raw logs, traces, and metrics is only the first step in improving software performance.

Steven, Abhijeet, and Daniel will walk you through how to turn that data into something actionable, so you can trace slow-loading pages all the way back to poor-performing API calls — and surface any related errors — to get to the root cause of irritating latency issues faster.

During this livestream, you’ll:

  • Get all your OTel questions answered
  • Run through a live demo with OTel best practices
  • See how to instrument OTel with Sentry and set up distributed tracing

Register today and add your questions now to get them answered during the session.


  • Steven Eubank

  • Daniel Khan

  • Abhijeet Prasad

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