An Engineering Manager’s Tips for Increasing Autonomy and Reducing Noise

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Business is booming – your team is growing, your customer base is expanding, and you’re shipping more than ever. But without the right processes in place to scale, that fast-paced growth can leave engineering teams scrambling to navigate an increasingly more complex codebase, new team structures, and an ever-growing backlog of issues and requests.

Join Jad Chamoun, Engineering Manager at Forethought, as he walks through how Forethought increased developer autonomy and workflow efficiency so their growing team can triage issues quickly without playing the blame game.

In this session, you’ll learn how Forethought:

  • Defines ownership rules with Code Owners
  • Prioritizes issues and tracks team performance with Stats
  • Monitors release stability with Dashboards
  • Resolves issues faster with Distributed Tracing and Discover


  • Adam Toth-Fejel

  • Jad Chamoun

    Engineering Manager,

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