Spend Less Time on Bugs & More Time on Features: Sentry + Sleuth

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Richard Propst (Solutions Engineer @Sentry) and Don Brown (CTO & Co-founder @Sleuth.io) discuss how to improve developer workflows and how Sleuth uses Sentry to automate some of the pain around DevOps.

0:00 – Introduction
03:55 – Sentry workflow overview
05:20 – Product update: Issue Review List
08:40 – Product update: Stack Trace Preview
11:45 – Product update: Auto-generate Jira and Azure DevOps issues
16:19 – Product update: Project Details
18:25 – Product update: Custom Dashboards
22:47 – Don (Sleuth.io) shares his learnings from running a service for developers
32:36 – Don shares his likes/feature requests for Sentry
44:45 – Q & A

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