Intro to Sentry - 15 min. Live Product Tour

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  • Neil Manvar
    Director of Solutions Engineering, Sentry

  • Sasha Blumenfeld
    Product Marketing Lead, Sentry

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Sick of your team wasting cycles constantly playing whack-a-mole with bugs instead of building awesome new features? Sentry’s got you. No sales meeting required.

Learn how Sentry improves developer productivity and experience by helping your team best understand what they care most about - their broken code. With over 100 supported SDKs and frameworks, engineering teams can lower time to resolution by identifying the root cause behind error and performance issues from frontend to backend and mobile. After a few lines of code instrumentation, within minutes, your team can start using Sentry to understand the who, what, and why behind errors and slow performance.

Join Neil Manvar, Director of Solutions Engineering at Sentry, for this introductory 15-minute product session to see how Sentry can help your team see in real-time and solve code issues in record-time. Learn how devs can resolve errors faster by viewing source code in the stack trace, breadcrumbs and Session Replay, and how Sentry detects poor performance patterns to identify the root cause, so slow pages and APIs are addressed fast.

  • Why Sentry is built for developers
  • Agentless setup process with framework-level integrations
  • Errors: The stack trace + all the details a developer needs to address runtime issues
  • Performance + Profiling insights: Debug slowdowns and get down to the problematic function(s)
  • Release Health and Dashboards: Understand how specific releases are performing and create queries and visuals to monitor application health

And get your questions answered live in this session. You can submit your questions now or during the event.

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