[On-Demand] Mobile Crash Reporting and Debugging Best Practices


Maintaining a crash-free, stable mobile app should be top priority for all mobile developers. App stores penalize mobile apps that have high crash rates, and more importantly, buggy apps create poor user experiences, resulting in bad reviews and lost customers.

Watch this session to learn key tips for identifying, resolving, and preventing crashes, fast, so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time building.

In this interactive 45 minutes session, we covered:

  • How to find and fix root causes of crashes
  • Ways to prioritize the most urgent crashes and errors
  • Tips to streamline your workflow


  • Lazar Nikolov photo

    Lazar Nikolov

    Developer Advocate, Sentry

  • Zoe Chou photo

    Zoe Chou

    Product Manager, Sentry Sentry

  • Emily Vince photo

    Emily Vince

    Product Marketing Manager, Sentry

  • Neil Manvar photo

    Neil Manvar

    Director of Solutions Engineering, Sentry

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