Distributed Tracing from the Frontend to the Backend with Causal (PhD not required)

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When it comes to debugging a performance issue, being able to pick out slow spans (operations or “work” taking place on your service) out of a lineup is the fastest way to see the root cause and know how to solve it.

Sit down with Nanditha Embar, Solutions Engineer at Sentry, and Andrew Churchill, Software Engineer at Causal, to learn how to trace the path of an end-to-end request as it moves from one service to another and save countless hours by not investigating multiple operations. We’ll help you quickly see the most important errors or performance bottlenecks in individual services that are negatively affecting your overall system and give you the context to solve what’s urgent faster.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • How to set up tracing correctly
  • Build and customize application performance monitoring dashboards
  • How to assess and prioritize performance issues tracing across three services
  • Create custom alerts to never miss a degradation in performance


  • Nanditha Embar

  • Andrew Churchill

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