Debug Errors Faster while Protecting User Privacy with Session Replay


In this workshop, Butch Mayhew, Head of Quality and Reliability at payment processor Tilled, showed how his team uses Sentry’s Session Replay for faster debugging – while meeting stringent financial compliance standards. Plus, Sentry engineers Ryan Albrecht and Michelle Zhang discussed Sentry’s private by default approach and how you can get started.

This workshop covered:

  • Our privacy-first philosophy
  • Configuring privacy configurations in Session Replay
  • Best practices from Tilled on instrumenting Sentry


  • Butch Mayhew photo

    Butch Mayhew

    Head of Quality & Reliability @ Tilled

  • Ryan Albrecht photo

    Ryan Albrecht

    Sr. Software Engineer @ Sentry

  • Michelle Zhang photo

    Michelle Zhang

    Software Engineer @ Sentry

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