The Future of Open Source: SaaS, the Final Frontier

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Open source dominates certain kinds of software: operating systems, programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and developer tools. A few open source applications such as Audacity and VLC have found a place on the desktop. But by and large, software has moved to the cloud … and open source is moving with it.

Join us for a discussion with the CEOs of three SaaS companies that adopt an open source strategy for their core product. Learn:

  • What open source means in the context of SaaS
  • Why they operate their companies using open source
  • Why we’re seeing a shift in SaaS companies adopting this model
  • How you can apply similar approaches in your startup or company

Going forward, we believe that the operating model for any SaaS company has to be open source aligned as it is a philosophy that companies will adopt more and more because their customers demand it.

About the participants

Peer Oke Richelsen is a startup entrepreneur for 10 years and has built both consumer and B2B startups in the past. He did Y Combinator in W19 and sold a marketplace for hiring remote contractors in 2020. While building the marketplace he discovered the huge need for better open source scheduling infrastructure and ended up building

Yaw Anokwa is the founder and CEO of ODK, the offline data collection platform that helps researchers, field teams, and M&E professionals fight disease, poverty, and inequity. He holds a PhD in computer science and likes to keep his bio short and sweet.

Jerrod Engelberg was the CEO of Codecov and became Head of Codecov at Sentry after its acquisition of Codecov in 2022. Prior to Codecov, he was the former Head of Venture at FundersClub, helping grow companies from seed, including Gitlab, Coinbase, Instacart and Flexport. Named as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in 2017, Jerrod graduated from The Wharton School and currently lives in Amsterdam.

Dr. Sarah Guthals is the Director of Developer Relations at Sentry. Previously she held roles at Microsoft, GitHub, and Coinbase, and was the CTO and Co-Founder of ThoughtSTEM, an EdTech startup. She has her PhD from UCSD in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Science Education.


  • Peer Oke Richelsen photo

    Peer Oke Richelsen, Inc.

  • Yaw Anokwa photo

    Yaw Anokwa

    Founder and CEOODK

  • Jerrod Engelberg photo

    Jerrod Engelberg

    Head of CodeCovSentry

  • Sarah Guthals photo

    Sarah Guthals

    Head of Developer RelationsSentry

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