Troubleshooting Expo apps: tips and best practices

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  • Krystof Woldrich
    Software Engineer, Sentry

  • Cedric van Putten
    Software Consultant, Expo

  • Emily Vince
    Product Marketing Manager, Sentry

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Expo is an ecosystem of tools that helps you build universal native apps with React. But even with great tools, you can run into snags.

Join our live webinar to learn tips and best practices for troubleshooting Expo apps. Cedric van Putten from Expo and Krystof Woldrich will cover:

  • Ways to implement Debug IDs
  • How to upload source maps, fast
  • Tips for a better overall dev experience

They will also cover the new Expo SDK 50 and updated Expo support from Sentry. The 45 minute workshop will also include a live demo and Q&A.

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